Guide for Best Bike Lock & Bike Lights in 2015 – Best Bike Lock HQ

Guide for Best Bike Lock & Bike Lights in 2015 – Best Bike Lock HQ

If you are reading this article, chances are you have been searching for the best lock for your bicycles. You are at a right place as I am about to share with you all the necessary and important info that you need to know about bicycle security.

Plus, this comprehensive bike lock reviews will also reveal to you some of the best bike locks available in the market. Hopefully, you will be able to learn how to keep your bike secure and safe, even though being parked in a high-crime area!

Bike Locks Overview

Kryptonite is one of the best bicycle lock manufacturers in the world that has been producing innovative and highly durable locks. With its serious commitment to providing top-notch security to bicycles and motorcycles, I can honestly say that Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 are one of the very good bike locks that are currently available in the market as of today! Plus, the numerous awards won by the company add more to its credibility.

best bike lock from experiences bicycle guide

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2
Best Krytonite U Lock

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2

- Design : 9.0
- Lightweight : 9.0
- Protection : 9.0
- Value : 9.5

$35.96 on Amazon

>> Check out the best Bike Lock on the Amazon ( Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 ) <<

Their products range from the basic U-Lock, chain lock, and all types of combination locks. They are of a premium quality and offer several security features in a single product. Take Kryptonite’s Evolution Mini 5 as an example with reviews on our page.

It packs a super hard MAX-performance steel shackle that can withstand any types of assaults, a Reinforced cuff over the crossbar for additional security and high-security disc-style cylinder that provides maximum defense against assaults.

Sure, there are also several other brands that offer savvy and sturdy locks that can reduce the risk of having your bike being attacked and stolen such as Onguard, Xtreme Bright, Master Lock and Abus. So, what differentiates between Kryptonite and the other brands? Well, you and I are about to find the answers to that question in this how to choose the best bike locks reviews!

Short Bike Lock Reviews of Top 5 Brands

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard best bike lock series2

Kryptonite – It is one of the best  brands in the market that offers maximum security for your bicycles. One of its top products is the Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 that comes with a 13mm hardened steel U-Lock and includes Transit FlexFrame Bracket  25mm to 80mm wheter round, oval, triangular, or square.

Also function with 360° rotation easier better fit and align with a bike frame’s specific geometry. Its products are very much well-known for being lightweight, highly portable, easy to mount and can deter both amateur and professional thieves alike. One of the cool features of this lock is the Anti-Theft Protection warranty. It offers theft claims for both your regular bike and electric bicycle (e-bikes) due to lock failure. Detail reviews on Amazon.

OnGuard – locks are popular for its durability and portability. It can survive in any extreme urban environment. Its products can shrug off any assaults attempt, what with the use of high-strength steel cable. Plus, the double rubber layer provides both better grip and protection against any types of cutters.

The manufacturer brilliantly categorizes its locks based on security level, and you may choose the one that suits best with your living condition. Of course, the price will also rise, together with the level of security provided by each product category.

OnGuard’s The Beast is the best massive lock produced by the company that offers the best protection to your bike; the 12mm link titanium steel chain and dual lock down on this chain is unbreakable!

Xtreme Bright – As a premium LED lights provider, It is also a top bike lock brand in the market that offer a combination of an LED bicycle light system and U-Lock security. The company offers one of the nicest bike locks in the market with its Xtreme Bright Illumilock Blade. It packs a military-standard steel and easy-to-mount setting. It is the perfect lock for you if you wish to use a single security device for your bike that can provide both lighting and security against thieves.

Master Lock –  is another expert in the home, vehicle and personal storage security fields. Its Master Lock 8200D Street Cuffs Lock, 12-inch are one-of-a-kind, and its handcuff-like appearance is enough to frighten any thieves who are about to steal your bike. On top of the genius design, it come with hardened laminated steel and pivoting link that will keep your bike safe and sound.

Abus – It is another top bike lock brand in the market. Abus locks can survive knocks and scratches with the hardened steel bars (and a soft coating above it!). The products range widely between U-shackle locks, folding locks, cable and frame locks.

The manufacturer provides both practicality and maximum protection by equipping its locks with lightweight but highly durable material and innovative locking system. The Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 is one of its top, best-selling locks that gives a “don’t-mess-with-me” vibe and can easily deter any stealing attempt with its six-linked plates and six-cylinder locking system!

Tables of Contents

1. Different Bands of Locks
2. Comparison Tables of Top 5 for 2015
3. Basic Information & Everything You Need to Know .
4. Common Mistakes When You Lock Your Bike.
5. 10 Effective Techniques to Secure Your Bikes
6. Best Locks for Bikes Under $500
7. Best Locks for Bikes Between $500 to $1000
8. Best Locks for Bikes Above $1000
9. Our Final Words
10. Bonus Section – Best Bike Lights

Different Brands of Bike Locks

When it comes to your bike’s safety and security, there are several different brands of bike locks that you can choose. It is important to use these security products especially in an area where thievery prone to happen – at home, college’s campus, apartments, parks, yards, and patios.

Comparison Tables of Top 5 for 2015

No.BrandTop ProductPrice on AmazonLock TypeSecurity LevelWarranty
1KryptoniteKryptonite Kryptolok Series 2
see detail
U-Lock with 4-Foot Flex Cable4.5 starkryptonite 2 series best bike locksOne Year Anti-Theft Protection
2OnGuardThe Beast
see detail
Chain Lock4.5 starthe beast onguardFull Time Life Warranty
3Xtreme BrightIllumilock Blade
see detail
U-Lock4 starextreme bladeLifetime Warranty
4Master LockStreet Cuffs
see detail
Cuffs Lock4 starstreet cuff masterLimited Lifetime Warranty
5AbusBordo Granit X-Plus 6500 Red
see detail
Folding Lock4.5 starabus bordoTwo-Year Warranty

Basic Information & Everything You Need to Know.

Bike locks are one of the important protection equipment that you must have other than helmets and bike lights. A bike lock is essentially a security device that fastens the frame and wheels of your bike to an immovable and steady object such as a bike rack, gate and parking meter.

There are many types of  locks that serve different types of locking and security level. The most basic bike lock will secure the frame of your bike with a single, sturdy hook –a U-Lock can serve this purpose. If you have a thousand of dollar worth of bike, you should apply the optimal locking method to save your precious transport from any ill-intention prey.

The most advanced locking system will secure not only the frame of your bike, but also both of the front and back wheels. Combinations of U-Lock and chain or cable are highly recommendable for a premium bike.

Types of Bike Locks

Let us take a look briefly at the types of locks and its functionalities.


U-Locks – It is a bulkier and heavier locking system that many bikers prefer. Despite being bigger in size, the U-Lock is still one of the favorite devices amongst bicyclists because it is highly portable, easy to handle and highly durable. It can resist any extreme tampering or hit with its super hard and thick steel.

Plus the miniscule amount of space between the lock and the bike’s frame and wheels make it extra difficult for the thieves to pop it apart. There are many high-security U-Lock products in the market, and some of the best for this type come from Kryptonite and OnGuard.


Best-Bike-Locks6Cable Locks – is a type of bike lock that is highly versatile and adaptable. It is a standard locking design that is suitable for an area with a lower crime rate. It is not as reliable as the U-Lock since the shape is prone to the thieves’ cutting processes.

However, provide maximum protection to your bike if you are to use them together with a U-Lock. It can help to secure easily removable parts such as the seats or front wheel.

This kind of bike lock is easily mountable on your bike with its looping cable, and if you are thinking of having one, you may opt for Kryptonite bike locks or Abus type.


Chain Locks – This type of locking mechanism uses a thick stainless steel chain link and a sturdy padlock to provide optimum security to your bike. It is the very good bike lock for high-crime spots as it can deter both amateur and professional thieves with its heavy and cut-resistant chain link.

It can even withstand hacksaws and chisels! If you are to use this type of bike lock, make sure you invest on a similar, high-quality padlock. If not, the thief can still break your padlock open, no matter how durable your lock is!


Wheel O-Locks –
This is a type of bike lock that acts as a wheel locker as it completely hinders your wheels from rotating. It takes its inspiration from the wheel boot’s lock that is normally used on illegally parked cars in town. Unlike any other types of locks, O-Lock is less secure as it is too small in size.


Best-Bike-Locks9Cuff Locks – Cuff locks is an innovative bike lock that might remind you of handcuffs. Just like a regular handcuff, bike’s cuff locks secure your bike with its highly resistant middle hinges and durable steel chain. It can resist any tampering and knock.

You can fasten one end to any fixed object (unfortunately, you might not be able to fit it on a big and thick object!) and another end to your frame or wheel. Since it is rather small, you might need a couple of them to secure all three important parts of your bikes – frame, front wheel and back wheel. Due to this limitation, it might not be the best bike lock for your expensive bike.


Best-Bike-Locks10Folding Locks – It is a new type of lock, innovated by the German company, Abus. It provides a top security level to your bike and is a great alternative to the bulky and heavy U-Lock. It is compact since it comes with a set of foldable steel bars.

Plus, the mounting straps and case will keep it anchored firmly on your bike. The securely linked and heavy-duty plates and six-cylinder locking system provides optimum protection against any types of manipulation.

The unusual link-style lock gives you extra flexibility on how you are going to apply it on your bike and at the fixed object, as well as confusing the thief at the same time.

Other Type of Security System for Your Bike


Wheel and Seat Skewers – Besides than the many types, there is another security system that you can use on your bike to avoid it being stolen. Wheel and Seat skewers are a great alternative that can keep your bike secure and intact.

You can use specially designed skewers on your bike to avoid thieves with standard hand tools to disassemble your wheels and seat. This special skewer kit comes with a customized and unique hand tools, spanners, and Allen keys. It can be a great protection system for your premium bike!

Common Mistakes When You Lock Your Bike

When it comes to anti-theft protection, it is not only important to select the lock for your ride, but also to apply it in the most effective and correct ways possible. Sure, Kryptonite locks, Abus lock, Master locks and OnGuard  can make a thief think twice to steal your bike. However, a more professional crook will not hesitate to try if you apply the locking method wrongly.

In the reviews, we will make sure that you end this article with a solid knowledge on how to lock your bike correctly and perfectly. Before that, let us go ahead and check out some of the common mistakes that many of us do when we lock our bikes.


  • Just locking the bike’s frame and leaving the front and rear wheel naked without any locks (i.e. chain lock, cable locks).
  • Not locking the rear wheel with an additional bike lock to secure it. A thief can steal that wheel and make money out of it.
  • Just locking the frame and back wheel, without adding another long chain or a cable to secure the front wheel.
  • Not using a proper and high-quality lock is also a common mistake. The thief can use their toolkit or regular wire cutter to cut your fragile locks and walk away with your bike.
  • Not locking the bike’s seat to the frame is another mistake. Thieves can still make some money from the seats, and if they cannot steal your frame or wheels, a seat would do it!

Example of Mistakes


Mistake #1 – You only lock the bike with a chain or cable at the handlebar. The thief can easily remove the lock from your bike by pulling it away horizontally from the bar.


Mistake #2 – You only lock the bike with a small steel chain to “secure” your bike. The thief can simply use his wire cutter, unfasten your bike from the bike rack, and ride happily into the horizon.


Mistake #3 – You lock the bike to an unfixed object. The thief can carry your bike by hand and walk nonchalantly with it.


Mistake #4 – You lock only the back wheel to a fixed point. The thief can unscrew your wheel and take the rest of the bike.


Mistake #5 – You lock only the frame to the bike rack. In this situation, the thief can steal the other valuable parts of your bicycle such as the wheels and seat.


Mistake #6 – You lock the bike with a chain or cable lock and leaving it on the ground. When left on the floor, it will be very easy for the thief to cut open the lock. He can rest one arm on the ground and load all of his body’s weight on the other arm to squeeze the cutter.

One of the main mantras that you should apply on your bike is: the more the lock, the better. It is a matter of buying time, making it difficult for the thief to remove all the locks from your bike and steal it. If it takes too long for the impatient thief to steal your bicycle, there is a chance for him to abandon his attempt and give up.

For more input on how not to lock your bike, make sure you watch this following video. Hal, an experienced mechanic from Bicycle Habitat, will share with you some of the common locking failures!

 10 Effective Techniques to Secure Your Bikes

Now let us proceed and equip ourselves with the proper ways of locking our bicycles. Here are the ten effective techniques to secure your bikes!


  1. Lock your frame to a fixed post using a high-quality U-Lock, cable or chain.
  2. Lock your seat to your bike’s frame or a fixed post by using a high-quality chain.
  3. Lock both your wheels to your frame or a fixed post.
  4. Use high-quality locks. Some of the best are Kryptonite locks, Master locks, Abus locks, OnGuard locks, and Xtreme Bright locks.
  5. Fasten your bike to fixed, strong and immovable objects such as meter parking post, bike rack, gates and lamp posts.
  6. Make sure the chaining side is facing out and well above the ground. These positions will make it harder for the thief to access your key area and cut your lock.
  7. Use a combination of U-Lock and cable to secure all parts of your bicycles – wheels, frame, and seat.
  8. Pull a cable through both front and rear wheels and secure it to a bike rack or any secure posts.
  9. If you have a choice between using a small and a big U-Lock (that have similar durability and flexibility), make sure you opt for the small one as it is harder to be cut off.
  10. If you are to secure it to open-top posts, avoid using locks with  cable or chain since the thief can simply slip the lock off from over the top of the pole. Use a small U-Lock instead.


Here are some additional tips on how to park your bicycle securely, far from the prying eyes of bike thieves.

  • Park your bike in a well-lit area.
  • Park your bike with other bikes to avoid the thief from targeting your ride.
  • Park your bike near your place. Being too far from your bike will make it harder for you to save your ride from being stolen.
  • Park your bike in an open area where your bicycle is highly visible.
  • Park your bike in a different place. Parking it at a similar place every single time will make it an easy target to a thief.

By locking your bicycle with the ten effective locking techniques above and taking the recommended tips above into consideration, you will be able to reduce the risk of having your bike being stolen!

For more knowledge on how to lock your bike correctly, check out this Youtube video, featured on Pure Flix Cycle TV. In this video, Amanda teaches you how to lock your bicycle properly.

Recommended Locks for Bike – Price Based

Now that you realize the importance of having a suitable and high-quality locks for your ride, perhaps, it is about time that you change your old one with a brand-new lock. It is highly recommendable for you to pick the bike lock that suits well to the type of your bike. The more expensive it is, the more incumbent upon you to select the lock with proper and cheaper price.

With the most uncuttable metal, touch wire, compact and light-in-weight features, the lock will be not only portable, but also secure and theft-proof. Here are some of the recommended bike locks for bicycles based on price range.

Best Locks for Bikes Under $500


For a bicycle that costs right under $500, Abus Steel O-Chain is the perfect chain lock for your bike. It is lightweight at less than two pounds, and its length (2.5 feet) should be long enough to secure your ride to any fixed object. It is very sturdy and yet highly portable, and you can simply wrap it around your seat.

The lock comes with an automatic locking padlock, which has a coded reversible key. Plus, it links the padlock’s shackle directly to the tumblers and with the wrapped fabric, it protect your bike from any scratches. It is highly recommendable to pair this Abus lock to a U-Lock for additional safety.

Abus Mini 140 U-Lock goes well with the Steel O-Chain and can securely protect your $400-worth bicycle from the thieves. It features a security rating of 10 and comes with a dual-shackle lock. It will cost you around $40 for the chain and $50 for the U-Lock.

$54.99 on Amazon

Best Locks for Bikes Between $500 to $1000


If you own a bicycle that range between the price of $500 and $1000, OnGuard Beast Chain with X4 Padlock is the nice bike lock for your expensive ride. It is known to be the best bicycle lock, besides than Kryptonite’s New York lock. This lock survived tons of extreme testing, made by both amateurs and experts.

Without a doubt, it is one of the toughest and powerful locks in the market. Its hardened, thick metal can withstand any power tools, bolt cutters or hacksaws. It can secure your bike even in a high-crime area. Plus, there is also the anti-theft protection that comes with the bike lock as much as $5,001 provided by On Guard. Get ready to spare some $110 to purchase the OnGuard lock.

$68.37 on Amazon

Best Locks for Bikes Above $1000


New York Fahgettaboudit is the top bike lock that is currently available in the market. Manufactured by Kryptonite, a household name in the bicycle security business, it is the favorite bike lock amongst the experts and professional riders. If you are a proud owner of a thousand worth bicycle, it is the best option for you.

This model of bike lock is noticeable on many bikes parked on the streets of high-theft places such as New York City. It comes as no surprise as it is the top performing lock when it comes to 100% security. However, you should expect a hefty weight on this lock.

Its material include an 18mm hardened steel shackle, a vinyl coating that can deter the attack on your bike’s frames and a center keyway that adds another layer of protection to your expensive bicycle.

The premium bike lock offers up to $4,500 anti-theft protection and three stainless steel keys. For extra security, you can also apply this lock on your bike, together with KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable, to secure your wheels, seat, and frame. You can purchase the New York Fahgettaboudit Mini lock at a price of $85.50 and the loop cable at $12.92.

$98.45 on Amazon

Our Final Words

After listing down all of the best brands of bike locks and assessing each of the models, it is obvious that there are several models that stood out. It is perhaps due to its ease of use, the top-notch security level, the premium metal quality, and cutting-edge dual locking technology.

There are several top brands that we can trust when it comes to securing our bike and protecting it from being attacked and stolen by bike thieves. They are:

  • Kryptonite The best brand and is my top favorite!
  • On Guard The Beast model is impressive.
  • Master Lock and AbusThe folding lock and cuff lock are very innovative.
  • Xtreme BrightThe dual functionality of lighting and locking is very handy.

The Kryptonite’s New York Fahgettaboudit Mini is the ideal bike lock for premium bikes, and its metal is practically uncuttable! With the dual locking features on both sides of the U, it takes twice the effort for the thief to break free your bike from the lock. In fact, the Kryptonite label on the lock is enough to make any thieves to take a second thought before stealing your ride. It is strong and tough, and I highly recommend it!

However, if you wish to own a less bulky bike lock that is still powerful and reliable, followings are the top three bicycle locks that I would recommend to you!

On Guard’s The Beast is the second to choose lock after New York Fahgettaboudit Mini and its unbreakable metal chain and dual-lock features are perfect when it comes to securing your bike. Plus, the design is much more compact and lightweight. You should feel no burden in carrying it around with you.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2 Standard is a great alternative to New York Fahgettaboudit Mini as it is a little bit smaller and lighter. It still, however, provides an almost similar level of security, but minus the hefty weight.

Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500 is another top bike lock that can secure high-quality bicycles. It is easy to transport and can easily fit inside your bag. Plus, the materials boast specially made hardened steel, and the Abus X-Plus cylinder can deter any types of manipulations (e.g. hitting, knocking, picking).

Bonus Section – Best Bike Lights


Indeed, there are several high-quality bicycle locks that can securely protect your bike from the prey of bike thieves. However, I do not wish to leave you just yet. I would like to continue providing you valuable information.

What’s the best way to end this discussion, except by talking about the bike lights for your rides, eh? I will share with you some of the good bike lights for you to purchase in this bike light reviews. Bike lights are one of the important gears that we should have for our bike as they help to serve two different purposes:

  • Brighten up the road in front of you.
  • Avoid you from being hit by a passing vehicle.

When it comes to finding the nicest bike lights, we should consider several different factors such as the brightness, the beam pattern, the portability and its battery power. All these elements provide comprehensive safety support for riders who ride their bikes in a low-lit environment.

These days, there are many LED driving lights that provide super bright lighting at a compact size and reduced weight. So you do not have to worry about having to install a super heavy device on your commuter bike!

Before we go ahead and take a look at some of the lights, let us first know the different types of bike lights. We are going to explain to you very briefly about the types and its purposes.


Bicycle Headlight – This is a type of bike lights that you can mount either on your helmet or your handlebar.


Rear Safety Lights – This is a type of bike lights that you mount on the back of your bike’s rear rack, at the back of your seat post or on your backpack.


Side Safety Lights – This type of bike lights is mountable on either the frame or the spokes of your bike. It visibly shows the movement of your wheel, and because of that, it is also known as bike wheel lights.

Recommended Bike Lights

In this reviews, I will show you some of my favorite contenders when it comes to bike lights. They are Cygolite, BV Bicycle Bike, Magnus Innovation, ActivFortis, MonkeyLectric, Bright Eyes, and, of course, Xtreme Bright Led Lights.


Cygolite Cygolite is the premium provider of bicycle lighting system. It provides specially engineered lights that help you to brighten up your night. One of its top selling products is its Cygolite Expilion 850. A well-known outdoor gear reviewer, Outdoorgearlab, rated the light to be one of the comprehensive bike lights in the market. With the USB rechargeable Li-Ion battery, bright, even beam and long lighting distance (up to 160 meters away!), it is one of the best driving lights that you should own.

BV Bicycle BikeBV Bicycle Bike is another optimum choice for riders out there. BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight and 3 LED Taillight is a perfect package since it provides complete lighting sources. With a light range up to a maximum of 40 feet, the LED lights will help you to see at night. The three LED rear lights will also make you visible to the vehicles behind you.

Magnus Innovation If you are searching for the ideal lights – bicycle headlight and rear light – Magnus Innovation’s Vision I Bicycle Light is the one that I will recommend to you. Magnus Innovation is one of the leaders in the bicycle lighting industry and its products features can be seen in many top lights list out there. The Vision I Bike Light package provides complete lighting source at a high-intensity level. The two USB rechargeable batteries provide easy charging process, and the LED comes in three different modes – High Beam, Low Beam, and Strobe.

ActivFortis This is another top provider in the bicycle lighting business. The company manufactures excellent quality products that are durable and can provide powerful lighting sources for your bike. Its front bicycle light, AF-77Q5, boasts a highly durable aluminum body and three level of brightness.

With a battery power of up to 100,000 hours, waterproof housing and excellent USA CREE LEDs, ActivFortis’ lights (e.g.  headlight, taillight, and side lights) provides a total safety. You can now ride your bicycle at night and under the rain with a complete sense of confidence.

MonkeyLectric wheel lights from MonkeyLectric is a great safety feature for your bike. The company turns an activity of cycling into a super fun and entertaining activity! The bike light straps are mountable on your bike’s spokes, and they provide great, hard-to-ignore lighting sources to your bike! It provides up to 2500 lumen of brightness and up to 40 hours of battery life. It is one of the best side safety lights that you can install on your bicycle.

Bright Eyes It is another manufacturer that provides premium quality lights for your ride. Bright Eyes lights are well-known for its innovative Five Light Modes. Each light can produce a powerful 12000 lumens of brightness and up to 500 feet of pure visibility at night. These product comes with a lifetime warranty, and that makes them highly irresistible.

Xtreme Bright It is also one of the top providers of bicycle lighting system. The lights provide optimum safety to riders with its high-quality and affordable lights. Opt for Xtreme Bright’s Pro Series X200 as your headlight and taillight. It is very affordable at a price of $27 and can produce super bright lights at 300 lumens. Plus, the light is rotatable up to 360 degrees for an optimum beam alignment.

The lighting products mentioned above are some of the best commuter bike gears that are currently available in the market. With it, you should find a peace of mind when cycling at night and should face no problem of identifying whatever that is front of you!

For more options to choose bike lights for 2015, take a look at this short Youtube video shared by Ezvid.

So, there you have it. I have provided you with all the necessary information about the best bike locks and the best bike lights on the market right now. These best 2015 reviews should be able to equip you with the important knowledge when it comes to securing your bike and yourself while riding at night!

So, next time when you park your bicycle, make sure you use the correct techniques of locking. Plus, do not forget to install one of the top headlight or wheel lights on your ride for maximum visibility and safety!

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2
Best Krytonite U Lock

Kryptonite Kryptolok Series 2

- Design : 9.0
- Lightweight : 9.0
- Protection : 9.0
- Value : 9.5

$35.96 on Amazon